31 Days of Dogs, 10/30

It feels like the last day of this little experiment called 31 Days of Dogs. Maybe because I’ve already written the last post for tomorrow.

I feel sad that this is coming to an end, even though I did it as sort of a joke with Nancy Franson, who very sweetly bought me the book “E.B. White on Dogs” when she was in Martha’s Vineyard. I am no E.B. White, but I love the way he wrote about his dogs. This was my attempt to step into his shoes.

I sincerely hope I didn’t unduly influence anyone reading this to actually go out and get a dog (or two). Polo and Clover are 4 1/2. I haven’t written about the trials of puppyhood because those are in the past.

At the moment, they are standing at the foot of our pecan tree, staring up hopefully. Pecan trees only shed their nuts every other year; this is not a nut year. Clover and Polo continue to wait. They must remember last year’s harvest. Surely, they must think, If am patient and still, manna will fall from heaven.


  1. You have a pecan tree?! Yowza!

  2. Do they eat the pecans? Or just play with them? I am not a dog person, Megan, but I will tell you that these posts have made me think about that statement a whole lot more. And that, my friend, is saying something!

  3. So much to glean from this Megan!

  4. it was fun while it lasted…

  5. Heather Garcia says

    Funny. Did you know the Johnsons just bought a puppy earlier this week?