Now what?

OK, readers (you know who you are). October and it’s 31 days are over. I have enjoyed this dog thing very much, and some of you have, too.

I have purposely not publicized any of these 31 Days posts. I wanted to see what would happen.

Now what?

Should I continue these short, daily reflections? Should I return to my old way of alternating prose on Wednesdays and poetry on Sundays? Is there something new you’d like to see?

I’m open to suggestions.

(And P.S. Thank you.!)



  1. John Willome says

    Selfishly, I like reading your stuff everyday.

  2. I quite enjoyed the daily nibble
    but well understand the difficulty of daily posting
    go, as the Spirit leads then

  3. Diana Trautwein says

    Megan, I would welcome a daily post from you, but it’s not all that easy to do. Maybe you found these 31 days easy, but I sure did not. So I guess I say write whenever you feel like it. And I like it all, prose and poetry.

  4. Heather Garcia says

    I love people who have daily updates, but I also love reading longer posts. Oh, the tension of life!

    As far as content goes, every time you write any sort of book review, I inevitably want to run to the library to go check it out. So those are probably my favorite, but I enjoy reading about your normal life musings as well. 🙂

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed these.

  6. I’ve enjoyed them too Megan. I also enjoy your poetry and prose. At this point I’m sort of out of words! 31 days was a real challenge. Some bloggers do a photo a day with a short post. I like those.

  7. I’m going to join my voice to the chorus. I looked forward to your daily posts about Polo and Clover and your life with them. First thing I read when I saw it come up on my RSS feeder. I’m that way with whatever you write, whenever you write it (although I confess to not really reading the Lonesome Dove series). So I’ll take what I can get when I can get it…and savor it whenever that is.

  8. How about daily writing about every-day kinds of things.

  9. I loved seeing these every day. You have a wonderful concept of daily writing – sticking to one main point, writing succinctly. You have done a brilliant job. I say keep it up! But yes, if you want to explore other topics, maybe you could pick a different topic each month. Now wouldn’t THAT be a challenge!

  10. Yes! I have loved your daily doggie tales! So much so we are the idiots that went out and got a new puppy~ I write this as laughter is filling the kitchen as my son is discovering new ways to make the puppy fetch her toy~ I have loved every word you have written about the dogs, as I have told you through out the month. Thank you for your gift of writing!!!