11 November 2013

Have you ever had a day when the weather reflected your mood?

I woke up to deep fog. Couldn’t see a thing as I drove to the pool, and every car’s headlights had a halo around them. This could have easily been the day I was taken out by a deer crossing the road. I guess they couldn’t see the road either because I didn’t see any deer.

By the time I left the pool, the sun had risen, and it was all sunshine and blue skies. The long grass is sparkling.

Sure, there’s a chainsaw making noise somewhere nearby, but I can ignore it if I turn up my Christmas station on Pandora. If the sun can let it go, then so can I.


  1. Just keep lettin’ it go, Megan. Glad you and the deer made it through the fog.

  2. I love reading your posts.

  3. fog’s a risin’

  4. I think there is a definite correlation Megan. But there is that letting it go. Like this a lot!