25 November 2013

Thank you all who read the list of things I learned, and a special thank you to all who commented. You made my day!

Guess who was happy I came home yesterday? Polo and Clover. I didn’t even pull the car into the garage, and they still heard me coming. It was nice to mobbed by them all last night. Today, things are back to normal. We got in a walk before the rain came back, and now they’re keeping warm and dry indoors.

I’m hoping it snows so I can refresh their little doggie memories on this meteorological miracle.



  1. Lovely to be welcomed home and so glad it was all so wonderful. I’ve enjoyed all the FB pictures and comments. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there.

  2. you reminded me to go and read them again. maybe i will put something like this on my Wunderlist. Did you hear that loud swoosh when you read the word “Wunderlist!” ?