3 December 2013

Christmas cards. I was shopping for an individual one, and every single one Ijust assumed that every relationship you have (Father – Son – Husband – Mother – Daughter – Sister – Brother) is just the best! And there’s nothing you want more than to wish this special someone the very best holiday ever!! And Happy New Year!!!

Exclamation points exhaust me.

It was one of those times I could have really used a card with a snowy landscape on the front and a simple Merry Christmas wish inside. I finally found one that was not too obnoxious. Just polite & friendly.

Because I really do hope my special someone has good December 25. This $3.99 card is the only way I can communicate that.


  1. Blank cards work well for me.

  2. Can I just share how much I strongly dislike card shopping for this exact reason? The assumption that every relationship is the best…makes shopping for cards excruciating…

    And then there are Christmas cards…it’s a religious holiday that we celebrate nationally. I think the religious part of it is more important and want to minimize the consumer holiday part of it…but I work for the government and I’m the boss and my Christmas cards to staff can’t be overtly religious…and I have issues with cards totally ignoring what’s really going on and being all about the fake part of Christmas…I can spend hours (it feels like) finding the right one…Every year I say never again…and every year it starts again…

    Ok…rant over…maybe…all I can say is that card shopping is painful!

    • That’s a really interesting perspective. Makes perfect sense, but I never thought of it.

      • I probably over think it – other folks bring overtly religious Christmas cards to work – I just feel like I shouldn’t…I’m in a position of power and I don’t want to abuse it…and yet I also don’t want to ignore what I believe…

  3. Heather Garcia says

    I used to hate shopping for birthday cards. They were either overly sentimental for my taste or not really funny. Then I stumbled upon a line called Fresh Ink by Hallmark. They’re square cards with quirky messages that make me genuinely laugh. I haven’t been able to find my favorite online for an example, but this one is pretty good: https://scontent-b-atl.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/546106_10150733071384198_194804134_n.jpg

    Too bad they don’t make Christmas cards.

    (for my sake, that is. I don’t think quirky is what you were looking for:)

  4. i guess ! is starting to be around a !itt!e too much.
    Next thing you know ! will be a word.
    ! wi!! make it’s way into a!! of the words.
    Then words wi!! not have any meaning at a!!

  5. have a good december 25th

  6. Thank you for the card you sent me this week, Megs. I am grateful for you.

  7. I find Christmas cards – and greeting cards in general – to be difficult for all the reasons you that have been mentioned. And yet, I pick out cards faster than anyone I know. I guess I decided to pick them based on a quick emotional response. If it makes me happy to think of the person opening that card, I buy it.

    I also loved your card I got in the mail. Peace. yes.