4 December 2013

In Texas the weather can swing from early summer to midwinter in about 24 hours. That’s what we’re expecting to happen, from a high of about 85 to a high of about 35. If the weather can be so wild, then why am I surprised when life is?

This is why I think small talk (or even big talk) about the weather is a good thing. It’s one of the basic conflicts in literature: man vs. nature. Yesterday at my poetry group, they were talking about a windstorm that happened long before my time but has had lasting effects on the town where I now live.

Our family has weekend plans in four different cities, all of which may be affected by the coming winter weather.  My dogs will go from laying in the sun to laying beside the fire. The one constant? It is December. The trees on Marktplatz and Main Street are lit for the holidays. The outdoor ice rink is open. When we’re downtown on Friday night for the parade, I am sure all of us—locals and tourists alike—will be talking about the weather.


  1. I love the analogy to the weather. Everyone who survives a storm, learns from it and never forgets. You learn to wrap your pipes, bring the lawn chairs inside, put the car in the garage. Then, you light a fire and stay close to it until it’s over. And pray.

  2. Yeay, about that abrupt swing: yesterday the high here was 57. Today, 13.

  3. Sounds like I’m cheering, but it was a typo. I actually meant “yeah,” not “yeay.”

  4. Ah, yes. THE WEATHER. Top of the list in this house most days. We don’t have the wild temperature swings that you do, but the weather is very changeable here. “If you don’t like it right now, wait 5 minutes. . .’ What we need really badly is RAIN. And just now, it’s a little bit too cold for the rain, I fear. Thanks for this, Megan, as always. (so glad you have a poetry group!)

  5. I think that cold front is moving this way. Today I went running in shorts and a tee. But I hear the winds, they are a changing. I pray in your busy weekend all goes well. I’ll think of you while standing on our smalltown streets to watch the Christmas parade.