5 December 2013

Polo and Clover don’t seem to know it’s Christmas, but their dog den with the pink sleeping bag is right beside the tree. In the other room above the fireplace, their stockings are hung with care.

Of course they have stockings. What kind of dog owner do you think I am?

The kids picked out the stockings the first year we had these dogs, which was 2009. They did a great job of matching stocking to personality.

Polo’s stocking has a black and white dog (like her) and says, “Santa, I’ve been a very good Dog.” That is what Polo is always saying: “I’ve been a very good Dog. In fact, I am possibly the best dog ever to have walked the earth.” And she is.

Clover’s stocking makes no such claim. It’s a smiling reindeer wearing a bow tie and waving. I like to imagine Clover somehow pulling on one of those headbands with reindeer horns, scrounging up a bow tie, and waving at the camera as if to say, “Hey, look! I’m a reindeer!”

(Polo shakes her head in disgust and puts on her best Santa smile.)

They will both get treats at Christmas from a local store called Dogologie that makes safe, homemade goodies. That is the one gift I know will please its recipients.



  1. This little piece right here tells me all about those dogs of yours. How fun that their personalities can be described by talking about stockings. Of course, it’s the rare writer that can make that happen, you know. :>)

  2. Well, Tilly doesn’t have a stocking, and now I’m feeling pretty bad about myself as a dog owner! 🙂