13 December 2013

Today, I am feeling especially grateful for my grandmother. (Hi, Nannie!) She is 99 10/12 years old, and the woman knows her way around an iPad.

Recently, I called Nannie because I had some bad news I knew she’d want to know. I was scared to call. Who wants to be the bearer of bad news? But she surprised me, just like she surprises every doctor she meets with her spunk.

“Oh, honey. And you having to go through this without your mother!”

She is the first person to mention that connection, one I think about nearly every day. So, there we were on the phone, just boo-hooing.

Just want to say I love you, Nannie. Thanks for your prayers.



  1. If she’s looking for more grandchildren, I could be up for adoption.

  2. She knows. And she did what she could to step in and fill a gap she knew was impossible to fill. Or at least acknowledge the gap. Good bless her. And God bless you.

  3. God bless her. (I’m on my phone…)

  4. Well, exactly. So grateful you have a Nannie who still knows she is your Nannie.

  5. it’s good
    to have some one
    to boo-hoo with