14 December 2013

Well, I haven’t actually seen the new Disney movie “Frozen,” but I have bought the song “Let it Go.” It’s Idina Menzel! She’s belting it out as if she were back on Broadway and not in a recording studio. It’s not even the words to the song—it’s just that it’s a perfectly constructed show tune. And I’m a girl who loves show tunes.

I could listen to Menzel’s So-Mi-Do’s all day long. Instead of singing, “I will rise like the break of dawn,” that woman could be singing, “I am hungry for buttered corn!” and I’d still be singing along.

I learned about the song from one of my favorite podcasts, “Pop Culture Happy Hour,” and may I say that Glen Weldon’s observation about this song was so right on and so funny that I almost fell off the EFX machine. (More at http://n.pr/18ZBarX.) When the podcast was over, I bought the song while still on the EFX and have been listening to it almost nonstop ever since.

This, people, is why we need show tunes. Because a song can grab you like an icy blast, and you don’t even know why. You just have to sing along.

P.S. Courtesy of YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moSFlvxnbgk.



  1. When I was little, my whole family of 7 went to see “Evita.” (How we could afford that, I have no idea.) My brother and I listened to the record over and over. In high school he sang in the show choir and played Teen Angel in “Grease.” We were obsessed with “West Side Story,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Miss Saigon,” “Les Miserables.” We were thrilled when Lea Salonga of “Miss Saigon” fame played the voice of Jasmine in “Aladdin.” He kept doing community theater (and often gave the comp tickets to me!) and met his future wife when they were in “Once on This Island” together.

    Yeah, I’d sing the buttered corn too.

  2. I LOVE SHOW TUNES. Love them, love them, love them. Sitting in the audience for a live musical is near the top of the list of my very favorite things to do in all the world. A well done movie version is right up there, too. My folks were into opera at all levels – the real deal, light opera, operetta, and musicals, so I got immersed in it. And I sang in choirs, some of whom would occasionally do some belting here and there. On my, what a gift to the world. And thanks for the link – I’ve not seen “Frozen” yet so hadn’t heard this song. Sigh. Now I want to go to a stage show.

  3. I always appreciate a good song recommendation. Your review of this one really sells it!

  4. Just bought it. And just had to re-visit your Frozen posts to remind myself why. And now I will think of you every time I belt it out.

    Yeah. I like belting out a good show tune now and again.