18 December 2013

We bought a bunch of new ornaments for the tree this year, mostly from Dollar Tree, and included in those was a package of jingle bells.

All of you who love “It’s a Wonderful Life” will recognize this line: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” That’s what I thought about as I hung the bells on our tree.

This morning when I went to plug in the tree, I heard a bell jingle three times. I’m sure I hit one of the six. There are two of them I could easily have jostled.

But what if it wasn’t me? What if we have our own personal Clarence (let’s call him Ralph) who has been shadowing us, trying valiantly to earn his wings.

What if he just did?


  1. Is that what the Salvation Army bell ringers are doing – helping angels get wings? That is where I hear most bell ringing, in front of stores at Christmastime. Not that I think we have power like that to change things in Heaven, but if we are being allowed to participate in what is happening there, that would be lovely.

  2. LOVE this – and I choose to believe some Clarence somewhere in the heavenlies did just get his wings. And you’re about to enjoy the blessing of that. Yes, that’s what I choose to believe.