30 December 2013

So, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for a Polo and Clover update. All through the holidays, you’ve been wondering, “How are Megan’s dogs doing?”

Well, they got upstaged. By a little 4-pound, 10-week-old Shih Tzu -poodle mix named Ruby.

When we arrived at my brother’s house on Christmas Eve, my youngest niece was standing in the front yard, waiting for us, holding a little brown dog in her arms. At first, we couldn’t tell whether it was real or a stuffed animal. It was real all right. Enter Ruby.

Now, all dogs love my daughter, but little Ruby really, really, really loved her. Ruby spent most of Christmas Eve curled up asleep on my daughter’s lap. I never thought I’d live to see the day when my daughter’s affections wavered from Polo, but that day came.

Apparently, the elves brought Ruby a week before Christmas because they were worried she might be crushed on the sleigh. It’s nice that Santa has elves who are willing to take on extra delivery duties.

The funniest part about Ruby is that she joins a house with another dog — a full-grown Lab named Charlie. I don’t know what Charlie weighs, but it’s at least as much as I do. Both dogs are nearly identical colors of chocolate.

Today marks exactly one week since we saw Ruby, but she’s still in our thoughts. When my husband told our daughter there was a surprise for her—which ended up being unexpected babysitting money from a family member—her question was, “Are we getting a dog like Ruby?”


  1. three dog night
    and day
    and night
    coming right

  2. And how does everyone, including Polo and Clover, feel about a fluffy little puppy?

  3. She wants a dog like Ruby? Awww… then can you give Polo some extra love from me? Dogs know where there is competition! 😉

  4. Those little doggies are the cutest things. My youngest has taken to texting me pictures of teacup piglets. I’m not sure if these are real or not, I tend to think not, but they are pretty cute too. I wonder if they housetrain well?

    Been thinking of you, girlie. Praying your holiday had some special moments. Love to you.