10 January 2014

Yesterday, Polo and Clover  literally chased the mailman.

They’d been cooped up all morning, since it was foggy and misty when I left to take my daughter to school and then go work out, so they were restless when I finally returned. I happened to open the garage door and pull in right as good ol’ Mailman Tim was pulling his truck up to the mailbox. (We don’t have mail trucks in our neighborhood—just pickup trucks with a U.S. Mail sign on them.)

So, the puppies ran out and chased Tim’s truck all the way to next door. Polo was barking right by the driver’s side door. Have I mentioned that she’s more aggressive with strangers? Clover looks at strangers like, “Sure, I’ll bark, but I’m actually looking to see if I can use you to carry out my secret plan.”

I called the puppies back, and they ran right up on the front porch to the front door, even though they almost never come in that way. Finally, I coaxed them back into the garage, and then they ran out the back door to the backyard, so they could chase some other pickup that was in the alley.

Our town has a lot of pickups.



  1. I would like to have seen that one. :>)