15 January 2014

Polo and Clover aren’t playing together anymore.

For the last couple of weeks, after I take my daughter to school and settle in to write, Clover wants to go outside, and Polo wants to stay inside. Clover does have long hair, so she’s better adapted to the chilly mornings, but she’s always been the weather wimp. Now, she’s going out and staying out. She stays busy barking and chasing and flirting with Scout, next door. They were both digging a joint hole on either side of the fence yesterday.

At the moment, Polo is curled on the pink sleeping bag beneath the desk where I’m working. I can hear Clover barking, although I can’t see her.

Tonight, they’ll probably sleep in separate spaces — again. That’s been happening more and more often. When I boarded them over Christmas, the vet told me that Polo stole the blanket from Clover and wouldn’t let her use it.

I can’t think what happened. I don’t think I’ve been doing anything different.


  1. If Polo stole my blanket, I would go outside to see Scout, too. Blanket stealing is very serious business.

  2. That has happened to me more than once. Someone stopped playing together with me—an abrupt break with no explanation.

  3. i’m feeling like polo tonight, i just can’t get my bones warm.

  4. Honey pie, this is nothing you’ve done. But I think you know that, don’t you?

  5. I agree with Diana.