24 January 2014

I was so hoping to take Polo and Clover for a walk in the snow today, but we didn’t get snow. We got ice.

Little doggies do not like to walk in ice, nor do little doggie owners. So, we are warm beside the fire. School is cancelled. About half of the kids in the district live out in the country, and the roads are worse even 1 mile out of town.

My daughter got the dogs all comfy by the fire. Polo has the good dog bed and her favorite blanket and stuffed animal. And Clover has the pink sleeping bag and her favorite blanket and stuffed animal. And I am drinking eggnog-flavored green and black tea and listening to Christmas music.

Because we don’t get winter weather very often. By Sunday it will be warm again. (I won’t say how warm, lest I risk the wrath of all my friends who live with this for months on end.)


  1. Sitting by the fire, catching up with friends. There is ice on the patio table. Isn’t it a joy to take a day like this and cherish the cozy comforts is brings?
    Of course, the knowing it will last just a short time makes it so. I lived up north for the first 36 years of my life. I remember endless winter days – the bleak landscape outside my living room windows, stoking the fire all day long.
    But you’re right. We won’t mention the forecast 🙂

  2. ice
    instead of snow
    no walk
    no go