A poem about my favorite mineral water

(If you don’t know and love Topo Chico, Mexican mineral water, you obviously don’t live in Texas or Mexico. This poem was also inspired by  “Bottled Water” by Kim Dower, featured at American Life in Poetry: Column 460).

“Siempre cae bien” Always goes down well.


Tonight I do not need a margarita

a mojito

a Mexican martini will not fortify


me. But then again

I don’t have weeks to travel to a magical

thermal spring


(though I may have an incurable disease)

just like King Moctezuma’s daughter

the Aztec princess


I don’t know whose face is sunk

deep in the prodigal stream—drawn

right there on the label of my Topo Chico


I only know sometimes you must drown

your sorrows

submit to the flow from that mole-


shaped hill    stay all day

Stay all week

Stay until you’re well enough to lift your head


  1. Exquisite poem. Now I want a sip of the water after drinking deep from the lines here.

  2. ahhhhhhh

  3. I have never before craved mineral water. Until now.

  4. Love it Megan.