29 January 2014

I have always been a butterfly girl.

I had not one but two butterfly-themed bedrooms. The first, in the 1970s, was orange and yellow and white. The second, in the 1980s, was blue and mauve and lavender. I’ve owned butterfly jewelry from James Avery and other designers. And somewhere along the way, perhaps in Sunday school or even directly from my mom, I came to love the whole butterfly-as-Christian-metaphor thing, for death and resurrection.

Get ready to revise your theology. (Don’t worry! It’s better than you imagined.)

If you have 15 minutes to spare, listen to this segment from the “RadioLab” podcast, the episode called “Black Box.” The butterfly stuff is in the last segment called “Goo and You.”


  1. Virginia Feaster says

    Thank you for the Goo and You story – by a lucky coincidence, it is applicable to my work at UMHB. I am new here at the university, as Director of Foundation Relations, so my eyes and ears are always looking for grant opportunities, sometimes through the most convoluted pathways. I learned about you from the information on the Writer’s Festival at UMHB. I hope I get to meet you then – and THANK YOU for tuning me in to Radiolab – it is awesome!

  2. Fascinating! So in the butterfly world, everything that is the future butterfly is already there…and it doesn’t go through the death process? That’s what I got from it. Is that right?

  3. this is so cool beans.

  4. Happy birthday Megan!

  5. I listened to that the other day and was fascinated! And that image is an interesting one to ponder when I wonder (as I often do, actually) ‘what happens to us when we die?’ I love that idea that the essence of our resurrection body/life is already here, right now.

    I enjoy Radiolab when I can find the time to listen!

  6. Yes, it is already there….

    Colossians 1:27…. the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

    How wonderful Megan! Thank you!

  7. Did I know this about you and butterflies?