12 February 2014

My dogs have not been walked much this last week — only two days out of seven. That’s very rare. We’ve missed partly from wintry weather, partly from me being out of town.

What I’ve learned is that my dogs can basically sleep all day. I thought they had to be either puppies or old dogs to do that, but my girls are almost 5 years old. And all they want to do is curl up on the dog bed and cuddle close.

So, I was a mess yesterday because I had jury duty. It was the first time ever because every other time the kids were too young, and I was exempt. It was my day of reckoning.

I called the jury hotline and learned that the report time was delayed an hour and a half because of weather. That was really bad because it meant I would definitely miss my yoga class. Which, I don’t even know if Leigh had it with the weather, but she probably did.

So, I showed up about five minutes until 10 a.m. There was a policewoman on duty, and she told us they had just settled.

“Don’t think you wasted your day,” she said. “When they see those jurors walking up those stairs, they realize they have to fish or cut bait. And usually they cut bait.”

I guess they cut bait.

I could see men in suits, and since almost zero men in my county wear suits, I assumed they were the attorneys. There was also a young man in a suit. I assumed he was the defendant. He had longish, stylish hair. Probably 18-21 years old. And I was oh, so glad not to have to pass judgment on this case in any way because I have a son about that age. Dear God, No.

The policewoman said it makes all the difference just that we showed up. All the parties look at these nice men and women who are going to pass judgment on them, and they rethink their options. She thanked me for coming and wished me a nice day.


  1. show up
    that a lot
    no doubt about it
    justice happens
    when you just
    show up

  2. Jury duty is always challenging. I got interviewed for a jury once, but they opted out on me because I truthfully told them I’d have a hard time deciding on a drunken brawl because I don’t drink alcohol. That’s all they needed to hear. My husband got on one jury, but he’s been called to a LOT. The last one, he didn’t even have to report. Whew. It’s tough work!

  3. I nearly got whacked with contempt of court (or not) when we lived in Georgia. My car didn’t start. I had no friends to call. Abby was a baby, and I think I was trying to get her to a sitter. I can’t remember. And getting to downtown Atlanta in time wasn’t happening. The secretary (or whoever) was not nice at all. I guess she thought I was some kind of deadbeat trying to get out of duty. I called my husband in tears, and he called the secretary and gave her a what-for. I got a reprieve and reported for another case a couple months later.

  4. P.S. I got chosen, and it was boring.

  5. “… I was oh, so glad not to have to pass judgment on this case in any way because I have a son about that age. Dear God, No.”

    Loved this sentence.