23 February 2014

All week I’ve been watching my dogs sleep.

Both dogs are asleep on my bed right now. Polo is curled into a circle, like a snail shell. Clover is stretched out, taking up as much room as she possibly can.

This is how they always sleep—Polo, making herself small; Clover, making herself large. If they have to share a space, like the dog bed, then Clover will reluctantly curl up. But subtlety is not her way.

Clover stretches. Looks over her shoulder. Flips her tail in a circle. Adjusts her legs. Somehow she lengthens her nose. She actually looks longer than she did a minute ago. Polo sqwunches herself even tighter. She buries her nose beneath her tail, opens her eyes for a moment as if to ask, “Is it OK if I go to sleep now? You’re not going to get up again for more tea, are you?” With her black and white markings, she looks like a chocolate-vanilla doggie swirl.


  1. P is more curled than a C. it must be their names. if you named Clover…um something like, say, Olive, maybe Olive would curl up in an O. Just a thought.

  2. In our own dog world, the big dog sleeps small, curled up like Polo, and the little dog sleeps bigger, often just on his side, like he fell over.

    To fall asleep, I start on my side curled up in a ball; when I wake up, I’m often more relaxed. I need the dreams, perhaps.

  3. Suddenly I’m wondering if dogs like tea.

    I sleep like Polo in the winter, like Clover in the summer.

  4. Sometimes my dogs spoon…