2 March 2014

Here’s a fun fact about Polo and Clover. Most days, I leave the back door open between the garage and the backyard so they can go back and forth. This arrangement requires that I either a) remember to close the back door when I leave in the car, or b) park in the driveway.

Sometimes I forget. I drive up and open the garage door, and they come running out, full of glee. Clover actually has all four feet off the ground, like she’s doing a jeté.

This could be a moment of extreme danger, and I promise, my heart stops every time I make this mistake. But I’ve discovered the solution: open the car door.

Oh, my doggies! They love a car ride! Even one that’s only 20 feet from the driveway into the garage. Then I push the button to close the garage door and wait until it’s all the way down before I open the car door.

Then they run into the backyard. A fabulous ride in Mom’s Hyundai? Mission accomplished!

(This just happened again, only this time it was my husband, who came home early. Now Polo and Clover are lying side by side in the sun.)


  1. Smiling at the vision of Clover doing a jete in a tutu.

  2. Mark Osler says

    I love that image at the end of this story…