A little poetry for Mom

“And you stay just as you are,

lying there in your beautiful blue suit,

your hands crossed on your chest

like the wings of a bird who has flown

in its strange migration not north or south

but straight up from earth

and pierced the enormous circle of the zodiac.”

by Billy Collins

from his poem “Horoscopes for the Dead,” which also includes this fabulous line: “though that sounds like a lot to get done on a Tuesday.”

On a Monday, too, Billy. Especially this Monday, which marks four years.

Missing you, Mom (and yes, I know you didn’t wear a blue suit, but I needed that part of the poem for context). love you!


  1. may the God of peace grant peace to all who mourn…
    sending prayers today Megan

  2. God bless Billy. Love you.

  3. Four years. Her death came at such a difficult time in your life, with tweens and heartaches on all sides. But then, is there ever a good time? I’m thinking maybe whenever my mother-in-law passes into the presence of Jesus, that will be a good time. But I guess I won’t really now that until we get there. I am sorry for all the years of pain, and for this hard, hard loss in your heart, Megan. Praying for peace and good memories today.

  4. love to you

  5. Fayma Drummond says

    Megan, I don’t know how for into your “postings” you were when Merry Nell went home to Jesus. But the point is not whether she was able to enjoy them when she was here. Today and every day for the past four years she surely has been sharing with Saint Peter and every one else what a wonderful daughter you are and insisting that they enjoy each blog as she shares them. You are wonderful, and I don’t respond to many of your writings because I simply cannot make my words of praise fit your writings! I love you.

  6. It’s beautiful Megan. I know you miss her so. Praying all is getting a bit better.

  7. “like the wings of a bird who has flown . . . straight up.”

    I kind of avoided reading this for several days. It’s beautiful, though, and I love you, and I wonder if the ache of it all will ever go away for either of us.