13 April 2014

Clover has gotten very protective of me lately. She lies down nearby, head glued to the floor, ears perked. Sometimes she watches me, like right now. Her brown eyes are fixed.

What does she know that I don’t?

I’ve heard dogs can be trained to sense low-blood sugar in a diabetic. I’ve heard they can smell cancer. There must be some scented signal she’s responding to.

What do dogs remember?

Clover was my son’s dog. She became mine when he went away to school. She hasn’t seen him in a year. Would she recognize him if he walked in the front door? I’d hope so, but my in-laws came over yesterday and once again, Clover seemed to have forgotten who they were. And they come to our house about once a month.

What do dogs forget?

In August, my daughter will go off to school, and I feel sure that when she does, Polo will become my husband’s dog. He calls her “The Good Dog.” She’s quite uncuddly, except that she lets my husband rub her neck with his foot. She’ll stand on her hind legs and just rock up and down.

It appears that Clover’s fallen asleep on guard dog duty. She must have decided that I’m OK.


  1. Whew! I’m glad you’ve got Clover to watch over you. What do dogs forget? I don’t know about that, but I know my dog seems to remember something that deeply disturbed in during his earliest puppy days. Certain people he is quite uncomfortable with. And one time we had a furnace person come to do some work, and the dog growled at him the entire time he was in the house; I began to feel suspicious of the guy myself.

  2. You are, you know. Okay, that is. :>)

  3. Our first lab was a wuss. She loved everyone. Except one time there was a guy here to work on the water softener. She didn’t seem to trust him. When he reached in his pocket for a pen, she growled, and I grabbed her collar. I was glad when he left.