4 May 2014

At the end of last week, I was sick and ignored Clover and Polo for about 24 hours. The last thing I wanted when I had a stomach bug was for Clover to leap onto my bed and greet me with exceeding great joy.

When I finally opened my door on Friday afternoon, guess what Clover did? She leaped onto my bed and greeted me with exceeding great joy. Polo, not quite the jumper, did manage to jump up there, too, and compete for attention.

“Girls! Get down!” my sweet husband said.

And so they did, Clover leaping off the bed and Polo carefully scampering down to the floor.

That was Friday. Yesterday, I was able to walk them and again today. Things are getting back to normal. Polo is with my daughter, who is cleaning her room. Clover is by my feet. Oops, no she’s not—oh, look! She’s taken Polo’s favorite spot in the easy chair in my son’s room.

Today is indeed a special day.


  1. For whatever reason, I’m glad that this is a special day. But I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. Not fun.

  2. Your gentle spirit is always a gift to come and visit with. Thanks! (PS — love your post over at Sandra’s. I shared it on my FB too — I have never heard of a bat emergence)

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    It amazes me that Susanna, who’s half Wesley’s size, can leap (or sometimes scramble) up on a high bed–while Wesley just puts his paws on the mattress and begs for a little help. But… he leaps high over the foot-and-a-half-high gate between the kitchen and back kitchen (there to keep them from litter box snacks but what also needs to be navigated over or through the little door to get outside), but Susanna begs for a little help and needs to be carried over.