Dominance (a dog poem)


Polo has her foot on top of my foot.


Dominance, the dog

books say. Don’t

let her.


I let her

as long as she likes.


I ask, What am I going to do, Polo?


Pet me, she says.


Where is Clover? I ask.


She answers, Never mind her.


Clover barks from the backyard at some unseen

outside menace.


Polo leaps off the bed to join the fight

for freedom.


I wait for silence to resume. The house is

still dark. Clover slinks back inside.

I shut the door, pull the lock.


Clover curls at my feet

under the lone lamp lit

in this hour before sunrise.


I hear a plaintive bark through the locked door.


Clover, where’s Polo? I ask.


She does not blink. Who?


  1. This is a very good poem! I love it!

  2. FAB. You so get inside their heads, my friend. Love it.