2 June 2014

I’ve never  told Clover

“Good dog”

well, okay, maybe once

or twice

I lied


  1. I suppose every dog needs to hear that positive reinforcement more than I offer it. What I’ve noticed is that when the dogs are lying around being no trouble at all, it doesn’t occur to me to offer a word of encouragement to help them know that lying there causing no problem is a desirable activity for the alpha in their lives.

    I need to remember that for all the dogs in our house. “Good dog!” Yes, I need to call that out all around the house when I catch them being good.

  2. Once or twice is all it takes, before it’s no longer a lie. I have good friends who have lied to me like that.

  3. I don’t tell Tilly that often enough either. I tell her “Be a good dog,” all the time. But she so often is and I forget to tell her.

    She’s not alone.

    June at Tweetspeak were made for you, Polo, and Clover!

  4. Oh! I tell mine this all the time. Suggestive logic.

    It gets more wags and licks than the opposite.

    (great poem, btw)