4 June 2014

On a Tuesday night in June a sprinkler

was minding its own business, scattering water

on the one day a week it’s legal

to scatter water. When it was attacked

by Polo. The Good Dog.

The dog who is never to be trusted with sprinklers.


She cornered her prey, forced

it into submission, into only watering the fence.


Clover stayed dry on the porch, barking,

‘You go, girl!”


I pulled the predatory Polo inside, where she proceeded

to bark at each sprinkler station for the next hour

until the grass was no longer gasping.


  1. John Willome says

    As your husband and fixer of the sprinklers, I would like to say, “@!%#! Dog!”

  2. They do look alive, though.

  3. it’s grande when they drag the sprinklers across the yard whilst being thumped in the bum with jetting water.

    it’s the main reason why dog-owners have lawns.


  4. Vanita Fowden says

    Love this! I can just see Polo stalking the sprinkler:) Lovin’ this daily doggy.

    • John Willome says

      Vanita, there is no stalking to it. It’s a full frontal attack. No fear–just rage.


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