10 June 2014

Polo Puppy waits while

I burn toast. She knows

I’m coming back.


Flat on the mat she pops up

when I open the door. She leads me

thru the treacheries that are

the garage safely. Once

she has me sheltered, she wanders



  1. Polo knew you were coming back, just like you knew Clover would come back after chasing the deer! Just for fun, I’m comparing the end of that post to the end of this poem:

    from 14 May 2014:
    “Clover!” I called, and she walked over, allowing me to grab the leash again, which I held tightly the rest of the way home.

    from 10 June 2014:
    . . . Once
    she has me sheltered, she wanders

  2. Some days we just need the dogs to lead us to shelter.

  3. mine do anything but lead safely.

  4. I just realized why your mentions of knowing the other is coming back are so memorable to me. It’s because they remind me of this quote by Charles Schulz (in which he uses a dog’s experience to explain loneliness). Follow this link and then read the quote starting “The most terrifying loneliness…” (If you don’t see it, I can just type it in the comments for you.)