11 June 2014

We’d all forgotten what it’s like to not face daily drought


Fresh rivers run along the curbs

High water lights flash

No driving over a low-water crossing

No one complains


Clover tastes leftover raindrops on the grass

Polo sniffs the wet ground for fresh frogs

Next door, Scout patrols the fence line

Even Major, behind us, is happy,





  1. And my dogs dig in the dirt and come in wet and muddy.

  2. fresh frogs <– 🙂

  3. Everyone sounds so refreshed, so relaxed, so content, so happy. I’m smiling at this vignette. No one complains…even Major is happy.

  4. Oh, how I hope this fall is one of those seasons – when we forget what it’s like to be in a drought. EXCEPT — I don’t want us to forget. I want us to be far more proactive in water planning and conservation. The state of CA drives me

  5. crazy with their lack of foresight!

  6. Our relatives in Austin, Wimberley and Dallas tell us weekly how dry it is out Texas way.
    Fresh rain is a cause for rejoicing, for sure.