16 June 2014

I step inside to brew more tea

leaving Clover lying flat

beside my picnic table/desk


When I return with a full pot

she is still lying flat

beside my picnic table/desk


Her feather boa tail wags in a slow circle


  1. Tilly spent last week at the kennel while we were on vacation. Then, over the weekend, she was crazy with excitement at being home. Today? She’s nearly comatose catching up on her sleep. Normally, any time I rouse to get a snack or another cup of tea or coffee, she gets up and follows me, especially if she hears a bag rustling with the hope of a possible treat for her. Not today. The only movement I’ve seen is from the couch to the little bit of linoleum by the front door. She must have gotten hot.

  2. i can picture it, and i like what i see.

    Also, i like the name of charity’s dog. Tilly.

  3. great imagery – sparse, but so much room for creative imagination – especially with that ending!

  4. Nancy Franson says

    Feather boa tail!