17 June 2014

Polo steps on a sticker burr

now she lying in the middle of the road, trying

to eat it out of her foot.


She is not as good at this as Clover.


I reach my hand to help. Polo pulls



I reach again. Again she pulls away

makes a complete circle to avoid relief.


Finally, I grab her paw she pulls away

I hold on. The thorny ball

is lodged deep in the crevice of her pads.


whisk! Gone.


She runs from me     black leash trailing

in my left hand I pick up Clover’s pink leash     walk forward

Polo quickens her pace and I step

on her leash. Pick it up in my right hand.


“C’mon, Puppy,” I say. “Let’s go.”


  1. evade

    their wild instincts only get them so far, aye?

    iLike rhyme of “hold on” and later the “gone” 😉


  2. sticker burr
    in my paw
    and i know
    mom’s gonna want to pull it out
    with her finger and thumb
    i wish i had
    one of those dumb thumbs