20 June 2014

When we were away the dog bed

relocated from my daughter’s room (where

it only belonged to Polo) to the living room, where

she and Clover share. Polo curled tight

like a snail. Clover puffing out her long hair to seem as big

as possible.


I walk past them in their bed.

Clover’s tail wags, slapping Polo in the face.


  1. Yikes! I think I might have wagged my tail like that before.

  2. patient polo
    planted on the pillow

  3. Loved imagining those two little dogs curled up together.

  4. in my house, the smaller of the two is always flopping atop the other… unless of course lips curl back, but even that is rare.

    and what’s funny is tandem canine snoring. 😉