Take Your Poet to Work Day, July 16

First we took our daughters to work, then our children, then our dogs. Last year the good folks at Tweetspeak Poetry instituted a new holiday: Take Your Poet to Work Day. (If you’re on Twitter, you can follow along at #poettowork.)

I printed my coloring book this weekend and chose a poet—Langston Hughes. I have not yet cut him out and attached him to a popsicle stick, but that will be done by Wednesday, July 16.



I chose him because I remembered a poem of his I’d printed 10 years ago after I saw it illustrated in a “Herb and Jamal” comic strip.

Dream Dust

Gather out of star-dust




And splinters of hail,

One handful of dream-dust

Not for sale.

Langston Hughes

Wow. That’s even better than I remembered. I once wrote a poem about hail but it lacked the crucial word “splinters.”

Mr. Hughes won’t be traveling far to reach my workplace—just to my back porch where I edit. It’s quite dusty right now. I thought it was from all the dirt the puppies dug up, but perhaps there’s some star-dust in there, too. There’s plenty of storm-dust.

I drink tea while I work, but Mr. Hughes doesn’t seem like a tea-drinking guy. I’ll pour him a cup of coffee and stick him in that. If he has any other drink requests, I’ll let you know.

Stay tuned for photos and poem snippets on Wednesday!



  1. Total love 🙂

  2. what a wonderful poem – thank you.

  3. Thinking about how hail splintered our world a few years back…