L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 6

from But, no

he cannot remember the verb

for me,

L.L. Barkat

What if every person had a verb that described their character? What if what we do is who we are? Or, as it was so eloquently sung on Grammar Rock, “I put my thing in action! / Verb! That’s what’s happening.” 

You are excused for the next three minutes to watch the video. I dare you not to be happy while you listen to one video from the best educational tools of all time—Schoolhouse Rock.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.


When we put our heart in action, like the grammar superhero sings, we reveal our essential verb. L.L., you and Verb agree: “I don’t know my own power!”


  1. Love this. Never saw that show and loved the video!

  2. I’ve been thinking of the lack of verbs lately. Here’s a poem I wrote today: