L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.” volume 7

from You are white smoke against a white sky

This one is kind of mysterious. The “you” isn’t there. The “I” is alone. Whatever the reason for the distance or how far it is, an open window makes it seem less so.

“I open the glass. / To let me out, to let you in.”

I love those lines, but of course, I simply like open windows. I like to see what’s happening in the sky and in the trees, to notice the colors.

Also, I just love the notion of a white sky, something I’d never thought about until they talked about it on the “RadioLab” podcast about color, about how it took a long time for humans to agree that the sky is blue because lots of times it is white.

Right now from my back patio, if I look left, the sky is blue. If I look right, it’s white.


  1. Megan – I love what you are doing in these posts. I have Love, etc. sitting on my shelf, and I am ashamed that I haven’t gotten through it more quickly. Your posts are enticing me!

  2. Dropping in to see, ‘what is Megan up to?’ and I find you, wondering through poetry.

    Such a joy to find you here, enticing my mind and spirit to go a wondering….

    Hello lovely Megan.