Gone Quiet



There’s an old episode of the TV series The West Wing called “Gone Quiet” that I love. A submarine has gone missing in North Korean waters. Are they OK? Or have they just gone quiet?

Friends, I need to go quiet.

Not because I am in hostile waters. I have continued to write in this space through many a scary sea. I still make forays into an ocean of unknown, full of mysterious creatures like giant squid, but I no longer have to anchor there. I’ve finally come into port. It’s time to sit on the sand and drink something served with a little umbrella.

So, I’ll see you in October. I may even bring along Clover and Polo, who at the moment are both looking hopefully up at the pecan tree. There is a squirrel up there eating early nuts, littering on my lawn.



  1. Tee hee I’ve just discovered West Wing on Netflix and am ADDICTED. My port has also felt more comfortable lately, but hearing, seeing, feeling all the ocean has to offer kept me afloat. My front porch and homemade umbrella things have their limitations. Have a great time. I’ll miss your words.

  2. Megan enjoy your quiet September – a quiet rest is a true blessing.

  3. Bless you, dear Megan. Enjoy this month. Please.

  4. Yikes—your mention of going missing in hostile waters makes me think of my current bedtime read-aloud with my two older sons (Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken). Anyway, we won’t go sending a search & rescue plane, then.

    Oh! And I’ve always loved those little umbrellas! Whenever I got one at a restaurant, it was truly one of the delights of my girlhood!