Waltz Across Texas

Okay, so it’s not exactly a waltz across Texas. It’s a drive. A long drive.

Last week we went to South Padre, at the tip of Texas. This week we’re in Amarillo, at almost the top of Texas. Padre was for vacation. Amarillo is for a funeral for someone gone too soon. The day after I return, I’ll drive to San Antonio, and the day after that, to Waco. Such is the life of a Texan.

I drive, therefore I am.

When you drive the middle section of the state, the only hills are where I currently live. Lots of flat land on either end of the state. The mountains are out west. The pine trees are in the east. No autumn color yet. The only thing to see is the sky.

I’m used to driving. I like it. When I have the wheel, I don’t like to relinquish it (just ask my husband).

But this trip I hitch a ride with other family members. We travel interstates and U.S. highways and state highways. Maybe even a farm-to-market road or two. Our family converges not only from all parts of Texas but also New Mexico and Oklahoma. The Californians are now Austinites.

We drop everything and come because that’s what family does. We spend money intended for something else, and we don’t think twice. We give each other space to grieve loudly or quietly or to run necessary errands or to be busy in the kitchen.

But we do not understand. Not at all.









  1. Fayma Drummond says

    Megan, I’ve said this many times before, but I must say it again, you always amaze me with the way you can say so much more with fewer words than anybody I know. Such a beautiful way to describe our family for certain, and I hope every family. If this doesn’t fit evert family then they are certainly missing a blessing. Love you so very much. Thank you for such beautiful, heart felt words!

  2. Very well said. Mercy and peace to all in your family.

  3. Sheila Kale says

    Beautifully said. The last lines were perfect! We don’t understand.

    Praying blessings within the grief.

  4. Maybe we don’t need to understand it? It’s a deep-gut response to pain and loss and love. And more often than not, it’s a lovely thing.

  5. xoxoxoxo