An Apology to my Bloggy Friends

Dear Bloggy Friends,

Those of you spread across the country, doing your part to fill online spaces with good words, I have neglected you, and I am sorry. I have missed you all.

I almost wish I could claim some awful tragedy over the past four months prevented me from visiting your blogs and reading your guest posts. But no. I was just busy finishing my own book. My manuscript is now being edited, and I can finally think beyond my own words.

Those of you who released books during these months, I haven’t read them. I haven’t even seen the hype. I know I’ve missed so much great stuff.

I swore I wouldn’t be this person, the person too busy for anyone but herself. But I was. Of course, I did, you know, still do my job and move two kids to school and take a much-needed vacation with my husband. Polo and Clover still got walked. I’ve traveled over 1,200 miles in the last two weeks … all in Texas.

The one place I won’t be traveling this fall is to The High Calling retreat at Laity Lodge. That weekend already is full. But I will read your words.

Distractedly yours,



  1. Megan – I love this. I love how it acknowledges the importance of these relationships . . . even when they must be neglected for a season. If they weren’t important, you feel no need for apology. And yet . . . look at all the important things you have been doing, all the important things that I suspect have been going on inside, too.

    Plus, I get to see you in a few weeks. When I read that you weren’t going to the High Calling retreat, I was sad. Then I remembered I still get to see you. I’m so thankful!

  2. Love this. Love YOU.

    You don’t have to be on my blog in order to hold a special place in my heart. Which you do.

  3. Megan, I’ll miss you! And whether or not you ever read another word of mine, you’re one of my tribe, one of the incredible 13, who have forever changed my life, and you’re knit thread by thread into the fibers of my heart.

  4. So excited for you, Megan.

  5. YAY for finishing the book! No apologies needed, my friend. (And I’ve seen you, peeking in here and there. 🙂