Maple tree poem

What Drought Hath Wrought


I thought trees didn’t die

especially not my maple, my lost maple


It’d be fine without rain. Oh sure

we cut back on running the sprinklers since


they were broken

but I should’ve at least poured out the dog’s water bowl

on those roots I should’ve

done a few rain dances in the moonlight

should’ve prayed just once


But the tree guys

the young one with the moustache and the older one with the aviators

said the maple — “It ain’t gonna get any less dead” — was killing

the pecan tree.

“F’we cut it down, off the power lines, that pecan’ll grow right. Get some sun.”


I don’t know if the pecan tree has noticed it can breathe but

it has thanked us, filled our grass with nuts.



  1. “F’we”

    You’re a good listener.

    I am pondering the image of you doing a rain (liturgical?) dance in the moonlight.

    I like your seeing a rain of nuts as an act of thanks. Some folks wouldn’t.

  2. Megan, I can see this poem in my mind, having spent many long visits in the Hill Country. (I believe my father in law has a Lost Maples state park hat that my grandson is wearing….)
    Bummer about the maple, but so glad the pecan is happy.