Art Briles poem

I’ve spent the last 24+ hours in Waco, Texas, totally immersed in Baylor Nation and its prophet, head football coach Art Briles, whose West Texas wisdom is nothing short of priceless. Fans, I loved your signs at ESPN’s College GameDay! 

For the record, I think that now Baylor and TCU can unite over being shut out by the committee. Let’s win our bowl games with style! (And maybe get a new Big 12 commish.)

This is a found poem, compiled from Briles’ own comments on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show earlier this week. For all of you who don’t speak West Texan, Briles pronounces the word “America” as “‘Murica.” If only we all lived in the land he describes!



What country do we live in? I think it’s


That’s kind of always been the American way.

If there’s a conflict or a doubt, you put two people in the ring

and they fight. There’s a winner.

If there’s a question who’s the fastest guy, you put them on the track

and the fastest guy is the guy you pick.

That’s kind of how I see it.

It’s a democratic society.