Kroeker & Craig’s “On Being a Writer,” chapter 1

Chapter 1: Identify

5. Does the kind of writing you produce affect your ability to identify as a writer?

Most of you know my day job—which I adore—is writing and editing for the WACOAN magazine. I’m proud of the work I do in that sphere. But there’s another part of my writing that I’m not so public with: my poetry. (Blogs don’t count. Who care about blogs?)

“Oh, Megan. I hope to be as good a writer as you someday.”

This compliment from another writer about a recent column of mine totally threw me. Even though I write for a living, I thought, “Am I really that good?” There are pieces of that column that I love and other parts that still bug me. I am beginning to accept myself as a professional writer, but my own drive and high standards mean I’ll never reach where some people think I already am.

But here’s the thing — the friend that gave me the nice compliment? I thanked her, and I almost added, “It’s all the poetry.” But that felt too daring.




  1. Maybe protective is the right word for your response? I think you are protective of your poetry and that’s been a good, safe, growing edge for you. I’m grateful you got that compliment and heartily second it!

  2. Poetry can help us all improve, I think…for the entirety of our writing lives. I hope to continually get better, and continually read and even write poetry (privately, mostly).

    I think I need to subscribe to WACOAN, to see that side of you.