Happy Birthday, John!

I hardly ever write about my husband, John, here. He does make it into many of my columns, but those are only available in Waco. Because his birthday is coming up I give you …

12 Things I Love About John Willome

1) On my birthday he gave me seven cards, each from the kids section. One card was an alphabet card: “As a writer and a poet, I thought you might appreciate an alphabet card,” he wrote. Why, thank you! Each card corresponded to an age: There was a 2, a 16, a 1, an 18, a 4 and a 3. They added up to my new age, 44.

2) He listens to me talk endlessly about work.

3) When he can’t come to my office Christmas party, everyone asks about him.

4) When he gets down, he finds productive obsessions, like cycling or puzzles.

5) He airs up my bike tires because I can’t be bothered to learn how.

6) He loves Baylor head football coach Art Briles as much as I do.

7) If you can’t get along with John Willome, that’s a you problem.

8) He loves to entertain, and he loves me, even though I do not love to entertain.

9) Since he’s been so supportive of my jump across the great divide into Catholicism, I promised him a good ol’ Baptist preacher at his funeral.

10) There’s no one else I’d rather travel with, go to the movies with or even go out to lunch with.

11) It’s stunning how often he’s right.

12) He becomes the leader of virtually everything he’s involved in because it quickly becomes clear to everyone that this is the person you want to be in charge. He’s organized, thoughtful, hard-working and knows just when to bring in pizza.

Happy Birthday, hon.

P.S. If any of y’all know John and want to leave a reason in the comments, go for it!


  1. I don’t know John at all, but I love him just because he loves you, Megan. And because he is willing to learn ways to love you better. That is the mark of a special person Happy Birthday, John!

  2. This is so good, Megan. I don’t know John, but he sure sounds like someone I’d like to. Happy Birthday John!

  3. Heather Garcia says

    I’ve only met and talked with John a couple of times, but here are my submissions.

    13) He’s a great conversationalist. (I’m one of those people at the office Christmas parties) It could be that I am just interested in many of the same topics he is, but I suspect that the truth is he can seamlessly find common ground with whomever he’s talking to so that conversation is easy. I remember talking in depth about Baylor football, Word Records and theatre on different occasions.

    14) He writes the prose to Megan’s poetry. While Megan beautifully captured moments in her journey toward Catholicism, I did enjoy clicking over to John’s blog to hear his side of the journey. A lot more words, but it helped fill in some of the details that I love to know.

  4. Lovely list, Megan. And I don’t know John, but I think he’s smart as a whip to have chosen you. 🙂