Self-Care: Assess your situation

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Well, my situation, huh? Hmmm.

My situation began about seven years ago. It kicked into crisis mode two years ago. Now the dust has mostly settled.  Nothing is the same.

I suspect it never will be.

Some things are better. Some are worse. It’s like trying to get back to life before the tornado, the hurricane, the earthquake, the fire. It’s simply not possible to put it back together the way it was.

For a long time I think the only reasons I got up in the morning were because 1) I hadn’t really slept anyway, and 2) my dogs needed walked. But get up I did, and work I did, and little by little I found other reasons to stay awake.

Folks, my reasons were not big reasons. I’m sure I’m supposed to say, For my husband! For my children! Some days my answer was as simple as, For the rain!

Today my sweet husband aired up my bicycle and loaded it into his truck, and I drove to my favorite road, Old Center Point, for a ride. A lot can change in two weeks. I wanted to see what those 30 miles looked like with rain.

Last year when I’d ride up Old Center Point, the lake was practically a puddle. The cypress trees looked dessicated. Private ponds were dried up. Now, there’s water, water, water, water, water. The spillway is spilling over. The fellow with the rooster statue seems to have two tanks instead of one. That ditch has become a stream.

No, it’s not back to normal, but it’s coming back. The underground aquifers are recharging. Our county is still classified as being in Extreme Drought, but that’s better than Exceptional Drought, where we were. We’re recovering.

Assess your situation? The land is coming alive again. So am I.


  1. Assess my situation? Severe chocolate deficiencies. I cannot think about anything more serious than that today.

  2. I love that last paragraph.

  3. Megan, our Wimberley and Austin family folk have been saying ‘they’ve never seen anything like it” rain-wise. I’d drive 30 miles to see the site of a filled up lake, too…

    May God continue to fill in the frame of the new picture he’s making for you.

  4. “I wanted to see what those 30 miles looked like with rain.”

    Sometimes the drought makes us forget so much. It’s a comfort, the way things come back to life with some rain, isn’t it? I loved seeing you in my comment box today. Made me miss you. Sending love.

  5. Liz Hoyt Eberle says

    I’m following and savoring every word and picture. I’ve tried to put words to my 3 year trip but still wallowing so will have to trust you do the writing for me. Seeing a wet land again helps. Somehow. I’m hoping the turquoise table is playing into your comfort. Hugs, prayers, and love.

  6. Coming to you LIVE from Kentucky………I’m way overdue for a long email to you.

    I am coming back to life as well and simply love the picture you’ve painted here of the puddle and the flood and the observation/reassurance that things do not stay the same, no matter how much it might seem they will.

    Whatever has happened (for you, for me, for anyone), there is life afterwards, and that doesn’t mean we have to wait until we know the end of the story.

    LOVE YOU!!