Self-Care: Create deliberate daily rituals

(I am writing along with Laura Lynn Brown’s summer blogging project at Join us?)

I love rituals! Love! Love! Love! I love to create them. I love to tweak the ones I’ve already established. My favorite way to end one ritual is with another celebratory ritual.

The most important rituals are the first and last ones of the day. I begin by walking my dogs in the waning hours of moonlight, and I end by listening to a selection from that day’s Divine Office.

Different seasons of life, like having a child home for the summer, require different rituals. And some days my ritual is to ignore my ritual and do something else.

I survived the past few years because I created deliberate daily rituals. They sustained me. In this moments when I didn’t know what to do, I’d ask myself, What do I usually do? Then I did that.



  1. Heather Garcia says

    I love daily rituals or routines too. My husband makes fun of me because I can wake up, use the restroom and be done with breakfast in less than ten minutes (I always eat the same thing: a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios), while he’s still pacing around talking and trying to decide what he’s going to eat. So on the rare days that we get up at the same time “eating breakfast together” never really works 🙂

    I like to think it makes life simpler and more efficient because I spend less time making decisions. Also leaves me more time to my thoughts.