Tide (a poem)



As I set sail on this day, I don’t own any good

luck charms but I do own

good luck clothes.


Clothes that have done me right, served me well

on a choppy sea. When a day ends stormy



I toss the lot into the wash.

All those bad luck clothes need is the ebb and flow

of the washing machine


a little bitty baptism and spin dry on the casual setting.

But the clothes from the days we stayed afloat,

somehow swam to shore,


must be saved in the drawer below deck. Never

to be worn again. Listen

to the waves lap against the hull.


  1. I like this poem, Megan! I like the sail/wash analogy. Very good! Thanks for posting it.

  2. lovely, Meg. Thank you.

  3. The title. Love it.

  4. sigh. I’ve been getting a lot of emergency laundry texts lately, so you’re speaking my love language. I can almost always count on a hello from my son when he’s doing laundry. I wonder if he has “good luck clothes?”