Holiday Haiku 1

Hello, everyone! I didn’t intend to take a break—it was sheer writing exhaustion. I’ve been looking for a way back into that thing I do, and thanks to a friend who shared a link, I found it: a Holiday Haiku Challenge.

Now, me being me, I’m not necessarily going to follow the prompts. I may not even revisit the website. I may not write about holiday things at all. I’m just grateful someone had the idea.

All this month I’ll be listening to my local classical music station. In December, it slowly ramps up the Christmas music, so at 5:15 this morning, I heard a lovely version of “Here We Come A-Wassaling.” While I was reading about the haiku challenge, the music was Benjamin Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra,” used to great effect in the movie “Moonrise Kingdom.”

Holiday Haiku #1

Benjamin Britten’s

young person’s orchestra guide —

good for all seasons


  1. Love haiku
    Love Benjamin Britten
    Love moonrise kingdom!
    Megan wins!

  2. Lovely! Glad to be of service. Will be checking back in throughout the season.


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