26 June 2016

Found poem from the words of poet Jane Kenyon, at The Writer’s Almanac, 23 May 2016, on her birthday.


Be a good steward

of your gifts.

Protect your time.

Feed your inner

life. Avoid too much

noise. Read good books,

have good sentences

in your ears.

Be by yourself

as often as

you can. Walk.

Take the phone

off the hook.

Work regular hours.


  1. wonderful advice–well done.

  2. “Have good sentences in your ears.”
    Just write this on a post-it~brilliant! 🙂

  3. ???? All true. None of which I can do. Now. Again? ???????? reminders are good.

  4. Be by myself as often as I can? I sometimes feel bad about that.
    Love this advice, though. Like Michelle, copying it over for display in a prominent place.