17 July 2016

Time Warp


The swallows came back and

now they won’t budge.

They claimed the pillar, set up shop,

songs and all,

during a Thursday deluge.


While I read my morning affirmation:

I now accept 

hope. Thought, No. But thank you.


Hope is a nest of swallows

that won’t hush. Hope stalks

from this porch to the next. Hope

is that thing with feathers that


cries until it gets my crumbs.


  1. Jack Swanzy says

    Thanks. The new hatch fledged this week.

  2. Oh, how I like this piece Megan! The unique slant of your own telling voice, and the six words of miss Emily D.’s Hope poem (a favorite of mine).

    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul

  3. Noisy, hungry swallows
    swift flying hope~
    all it needs are crumbs
    of purpose to fly.

  4. Megan, brava on creating so much beauty, power and hope in a compressed space. I’m reading again and again. Finding new each time. Thank you.