21 August 2016

*Note: I wrote this earlier in the summer. We are having a bizarre and welcome cool front, with 10 straight days of rain. Never in my 45 years has it rained on the first day of school. 


“To see the summer sky is poetry.”

Emily Dickinson


Ms. Dickinson lived in New England. This fine August

morning it is 59 degrees in Amherst. Should be a balmy



Here, in Texas, we won’t see that kind of weather

till October.


You can write poetry about a summer sky

in the Lone Star state but it will mention how the sun

hurts at triple digits, how the grass is burned brown,

how you need a cool cup of water at 6 a.m.

after walking the dogs. How at the pool,

you swim for the shady spot where the water is still slightly

cool. How you long for just one cloud. How the best

poetry is a sudden thunderstorm whacking you awake

out of heat-filled stupor, into the street

where your neighbors are out, celebrating summer.


  1. Feelin’ it, Megan!

  2. “. . . how the sun hurts at triple digits, how the grass is burned brown, . . .
    Wow, you need not worry about the BBB or Chamber of Commerce asking you to write any promo material for TX – LOL!
    Enjoyed your descriptive writing:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hope you are enjoying the rain. Love this description of a Texas summer sky!