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25 September 2016

Assessing Psychological Needs at the Drugstore


fretting in front of the shampoos standing

with promises for all my problems I wonder

what I want


Luxurious Moisture?

or do I need Damage Recovery?

is Gold Strength good enough? or should I pay for Platinum?

does Anti-Breakage prevent a part of my body from being broken?


Maybe I’ve got this wrong–More Volume!

Flawless Curls should fix everything

Smooth & Silky means smooth sailing


as long as the liquid lasts in the plastic

bottle with every answer printed on the label.

For only $4.95 I can buy a Fresh Start.



18 September 2016

“Living is like licking honey off a thorn” — Lianne Mercer


This way to your exam, please, through this door.

You have an obligation to make every effort.

Lift yourself from whatever floor you have fallen into.

Fake it, if necessary.

Assess all threats.

Check twice for your keys.

Roar through your commute.

Buckle up, buttercup. There is no return trip.

11 September 2016

Too Many Cooks


Now when I cook I wear

an apron

like a loincloth


To cook is to uncover

one’s hungers, to learn where my

cravings can’t catch your desires


Don my shield

tied at the back

wipe my hands of it all


Slice & saute

measure, stir & bake

roast & rest. Remove


my armor.

Sit. Taste.

Sip up.

“Love at First Fight” by Carey and Dena Dyer



If you were to make an acronym from the first letters of the title, it would spell LAFF. And that’s what you’ll do as you read this book—laugh. Especially if you’ve been married for more than, oh, 24 hours.

It’s no wonder the book is often funny. If you’ve seen Carey and Dena Dyer perform, they bring down the house. They can also make you tear up, as when they sing a duet (my favorite is when they do Roy Orbison’s “Crying”).

And that’s how this books works—some laughing, some crying, some thought-provoking. Like the Dyers, we’ve faced challenges in which we realized, as Dena writes, “This is how people split up. (I’d never thought that before.)”

Here are a couple of quotes from the introduction:

“If marriage is a font, then ours is Wingdings. We’ve tried being something more respectable, like Times New Roman or Courier, but alas, some couples are destined for weirdness.

As you read through the book, you may notice that the pieces gradually get more serious as we both realized the requirements for a fulfilling life together. Like many couples, we started out naïve and progressed to frustrated. Next, we took a detour to discouragement and disillusionment. After a period of true despondency, in which we despaired of making it through together, we found a new level of commitment and joy in our marriage.”

Love at First Fight is a set of 52 devotionals divided into five sections: “Coming Out Swinging,” “Treating Our Wounds,” “Retreating to Our Corners,” “Needing a Referee,” and “Still Standing.” The story-based meditations are each only a couple of pages long and include a Bible verse, He Says and She Says, a prayer, questions for discussion, and a quote from someone married considerably longer than 24 hours.

John and I started reading through the book together. After 24 years of marriage we’ve seen each other change in response to events we could never have imagined when we were newlyweds. We’ve also grown closer through those times and become more like each other—I can often enjoy college football now, and John doesn’t mind poetry so much. One question in the book that I liked was “How did you make it through?” Now that we’ve made it through a few things, as the Dyers have, it gives us hope that maybe we can make it through whatever comes next. Because now we know that there is always a next.

That’s why this is a great gift for newly married or soon-to-be married couples, the ones who think their love is strong enough for anything. It may be. But until you’ve walked through a few Anythings, you don’t really know the truth of Song of Solomon 8:6 (MSG):

Love is invincible facing danger and death.”

4 September 2016

When I Say


I like peanut butter

You call me a chocolate-hater


And when I say I like chocolate

You say never trust anyone who despises peanut butter


Like the ad said, I like peanut butter in my chocolate

I like chocolate in my peanut butter


I like rain and sun, night and day, dogs and cats

(big ones, like lions), salty and sweet, coffee and tea,

wine and craft beer, beach and mountains, stars in the sky

and stripes on zebras


There are things I do not like, which fall under my unalienable right

to not pursue things that lead to unhappiness, like roadkill.


I like people who do not like me back, and if we meet again,

I’d like to share a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


one for You

one for Me