4 September 2016

When I Say


I like peanut butter

You call me a chocolate-hater


And when I say I like chocolate

You say never trust anyone who despises peanut butter


Like the ad said, I like peanut butter in my chocolate

I like chocolate in my peanut butter


I like rain and sun, night and day, dogs and cats

(big ones, like lions), salty and sweet, coffee and tea,

wine and craft beer, beach and mountains, stars in the sky

and stripes on zebras


There are things I do not like, which fall under my unalienable right

to not pursue things that lead to unhappiness, like roadkill.


I like people who do not like me back, and if we meet again,

I’d like to share a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


one for You

one for Me


  1. “I like people who do not like me back.”
    sounds like the Gospel to me. I wanna be like that.
    (but I’d share an Almond Joy ’cause of the almonds and coconut–they come in two’s–one for me, one for you.)

  2. I’ll share my M&M’s with you. One for me. One for you. No chewing allowed. It will take some time to get through a 56-oz bag. Time enough. Time well spent.