11 September 2016

Too Many Cooks


Now when I cook I wear

an apron

like a loincloth


To cook is to uncover

one’s hungers, to learn where my

cravings can’t catch your desires


Don my shield

tied at the back

wipe my hands of it all


Slice & saute

measure, stir & bake

roast & rest. Remove


my armor.

Sit. Taste.

Sip up.


  1. I was just talking with a friend the other day about the challenge for women (some of us) of letting other folks’ into our kitchens.
    Clearly, it is more than just the pots and pans and the sink, it is the meal. As you said, “To cook is to uncover/one’s hungers,” which is another way of explaining how we bare our souls (and our behinds…all those backless aprons) when we deign to prepare a meal.

  2. Megan,
    I will never think of cooking the same again. Thank you 🙂